Formational Healing Prayer

The sould cannot live without love, it always needs something to love:
for it is made of love, and it is for love that I created it.
— Dialogues of St. Catherine of Siena

One of the greatest challenges in our life is that our loves often go in the wrong direction. We become attached to things for the wrong reasons. We desire love, belonging, provision, and purpose and when we fail to find these things, we attach ourselves to unhelpful ways of meeting those legitimate needs. These attachments  can often reveal some of our most vulnerable patterns. So many of these patterns (addictions, fears, anxieties, judgements) are rooted in lies we believe, the trauma we’ve experienced, and our lack of connection with healthy community.

Formational Healing Prayer is a process of reconciling
who you believe you are
with who you truly are.

It’s the process of uncovering the places where our “loves” are
attached to the wrong things and cause us to show up in the world
without the freedom to be who God is making us to be.

Some things to consider

what to expect during your formational healing prayer session