Formational Healing Prayer

The soul cannot live without love, it always needs something to love:
for it is made of love, and it is for love that I created it.
— Dialogues of St. Catherine of Siena

One of the greatest challenges in our life is that our loves often go in the wrong direction. We become attached to things for the wrong reasons. We desire love, belonging, provision, and purpose and when we fail to find these things, we attach ourselves in unhelpful ways to other things in the hope of fulfilling those legitimate needs. These attachments  can often reveal and become some of our most vulnerable patterns. Many of these patterns (addictions, fears, anxieties, judgements) are rooted in lies we believe, the trauma we’ve experienced, and our lack of connection with healthy community.

Formational Healing Prayer is a process of reconciling
who you believe you are
with who you truly are.

It is the process of uncovering the places where our “loves” are
attached to the wrong thing–causing us to show up in the world
without the freedom to be who God is making us to be.

Some things to consider

Contemplative practices help create space for us to notice inward movements of both our emotions and our will.

We all have seasons when we feel great consolation in our spiritual life– when our heart feels courageous, light, and at ease with the love that God has for us.

We also all have seasons of desolation in our spiritual life– when our heart feels heavy, God seems distant, and when we are drawn toward gratifying our most base desires and bad habits.

This ebb and flow of the spiritual life is to be expected. It’s a normal part of life with God and there is a gift of God’s grace in each season.

Formational Healing Prayer is not meant to be an antidote the normal desolation that comes in the spiritual life. What we can notice, however, is that sometimes this desolation is attached at a deeper level to patterns of belief or particular areas of our life that the enemy loves to engage us with over and over. Once we are able to help name these particular areas and address the ways these areas continue to have an impact – we believe greater measures of freedom of heart and interior peace will come. None of this is by our own effort, but through our intention to join God in the work he’s already doing in us.


what to expect during your formational healing prayer session

3-4 hours with 2 people journeying in prayer alongside of you

We spend a while at the front end talking and getting to know your story. What is it that brought you here? This might look like:

  • a "block" in your relationship with God or others,

  • a theme that has come up in your life or in spiritual direction that you are not able to move past,

  • past trauma or hurtful events that are affecting you presently, etc.

One of us will be jotting down some notes as we talk. We are listening to you and to the Holy Spirit, noticing patterns and other things that we will pray about together once we get a feel for your story. This is a slow but intentional process that happens naturally as we sit together and the let the Holy Spirit lead our time.

When the three of us feel ready to move on to prayer, we will look at at least three areas:

  • generational sin/curses that may have been passed down through your family line,

  • ways in which you may have participated in these generational patterns of behavior, and

  • unhealthy soul ties.