& in the City of Columbus, OH.

Impact investing...is where pension funds, unions, non-profit foundations and individuals place a portion of their investment dollars into funds that promise to make a quantifiable social impact, as well as a financial return.(1)
— Jim Boulden @CNNMoney

We presently are in contract on a building that is strategically located in the heart of Franklinton. Our vision is to create a place where we can host the presence of God in our neighborhood. As a new church-plant (1 year) we’ve decided that we’ll be focusing the majority of our resources and energy in creating a space that will best put on display the presence of God for our neighbors. I’ve become convinced that in our present day, this kind of place won’t be a traditional church, but a place focused on radical generosity and an invitation toward untangling people’s lives from the things that have power over them.

We've created a for-profit investment strategy to help us get there.  

Most community and connection happens in places that scholars and researchers have named as third places. They’re places like cafes, parks, clubs, and coffee shops. We want to create this kind of place as a radical act of hospitality, caring for people with a radical welcome, in the poorest neighborhood of Columbus, OH. 

we're inviting investors into our project and we would love to talk with you about the opportunity. 
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a place of hospitality in the midst of change

The neighborhood of Franklinton is presently undergoing a socio-economic shift.

A few blocks east of our site is 80 acres that years ago was the home to blue-collar manufacturing. It has begun to be transformed into the next hub of development geared toward artists and young professionals. Nearly all 80 acres has been bought up by major developers. Our new faith community is positioned to serve an influx of people who will come in conjunction with one of the largest development projects of our city. 

A few blocks west of our site are some of the poorest and most violent streets of our city. For decades, Franklinton has been the seed-bed of human trafficking in Columbus. We're working with some of the most courageous people who have served in our neighborhood for decades. 

The gospel has always had the power to bring rich and poor together. We want to create a place where both rich and poor are welcome. 

In the first floor of our space we'll be working to create a pay-what-you-can cafe, in partnership with Franklinton Gardens, a local non-profit. We'll be serving breakfast and lunch both to AM commuters and mid-day neighbors. In the evenings, our space will be available for hosting a variety of intentional gatherings to foster connection, healing, and recovery. 

recovery & transformation

One wing of the second floor will be devoted to 10 dorm-style rooms which will enable us to host people for an urban retreat, pray with them in our chapel, as well as provide longer-term programing for individuals in recovery. We're working to partner with local organizations who are working on crisis intervention in our city's most aggressive drug epidemic. One of the greatest challenges to recovery is that most programs are too short. There simply isn't enough time in a traditional recovery program to fully heal and get to the source of the issues that caused the addiction in the first place. We want to be a second-stage place of hospitality, working with individuals who are 6-12 months sober & clean––journeying with them to help develop healthy rhythms or rest, reflection, and self-care. Hospitals were first formed and replicated by monasteries in the 10th century– places designed to seek out the sick, and relieve their suffering. 

Additionally, our present design intention incorporates 5 micro-unit studio apartments for long-term internships for those wanting to join us deeper in the work. 


spiritual direction & counseling 

We want to help people get in touch with the deep and extravagant love of God
— Jared Boyd, pastor & spiritual director, Franklinton Abbey

Spiritual Direction & Counseling is, and will be, at the center of our work. We'll have 6 small rooms devoted to the work of helping people from all walks of life get to the roots of both joys and sorrows. We'll work with trained spiritual directors and licensed counselors to slowly and prayerfully work through entanglements and issues that are hindering the people who come our way. 


we would love to share with you about how you might be able to invest with us – through a self-directed IRA or other long-term investment solutions. 


Phase 1: Vision & Discernment

  • We've spent months of prayer and discernment, waiting on the right space.

Phase 2: Pledges & acquisition

  • We've received $500,000 of pledged investment.
  • We're in the process of turning those investments into actual dollars in the bank.
  • We're working to close on the property before September 15, 2017.

Phase 3: community partnership

  • We'll be working with partners throughout the neighborhood on designing a space that welcomes the entire community
  • We'll raise an additional $850,000 in capital to set us up for renovation.

Phase 4: Rennovate & Occupy

  • If all goes well, we hope to begin renovation in summer of 2018. We're hoping to open the second floor by the end of 2018. 
  • We're shooting for 2019 for the cafe.